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Cherries are a bite sized Christmas treat!

Ceravolo Cherries are grown across our farms in the Adelaide hills. We also source cherries from other talented growers across the hills region and throughout the river land. All of our growers are committed to quality and excellence in the same way that we are.

The South Australian cherry season only lasts about 100 days starting from December but these dates are very dependent on the weather.

Ceravolo Orchards are the first growers in mainland Australia able to grow and harvest cherries under protected cropping conditions. We utilise an automated retractable roofing system, which transforms traditional cherry growing techniques preventing yield loss from extreme weather and pest events and also gives us the ability to control the climate around the cherries allowing us to extend the growing season. The retractable roof system is also a more sustainable means of growing cherries with higher yields and less applications of sprays and fertilisers.


Cherries have excellent anti-inflammatory properties and are a natural superfood. They get their vibrant red colour from anthocyanins which are antioxidants that defends the cells in the body.

Ceravolo cherries are always sweet, refreshing and bursting with flavour. They are easy to eat anywhere, anytime!

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