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The Adelaide Hills provides us with the ingredients to grow some of the best apples in the world, including fertile soils, plenty of rain and mild summers.

We harvest apples in the Australian Autumn that then go to one of
two places; directly onto the packing line to be sent out to the shops for you to enjoy or into our controlled atmosphere rooms that use cutting edge storage technology to keep apples dormant so that they can be kept in cold storage until they are needed. This means you have access to delicious, fresh, crunchy apples all year round!



Ceravolo Cherries are a bite sized Christmas treat! 

The South Australian season lasts about 100 days usually starting from December. Cherries from growers in the riverland starting

up to 4 weeks prior to local cherries . Cherries also have

anti-inflammatory properties and are a natural super-food.

We currently grow and pack around 20 different varieties of cherries each with their own unique characteristics.

The Ceravolo's are the only cherry growers in mainland Australia who use a retractable roof greenhouse to grow cherries. Our cherries are always sweet, refreshing and bursting with flavour. They are easy to eat anywhere, anytime!



Our  South Australian Ceravolo strawberries are grown with passion and care in the sandy soils on the Fleurieu peninsula by Tony's oldest son Ralph and by other local Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu growers. In the South Australian off season strawberries are also grown by our partner farmers in the Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland.

Varieties we grow include Albion, Cabrillo, Monterey, Summer Silk, Summer Song and Tahlia.


The strawberry harvest in South Australia typically begins in late spring, around October, and extends through the summer months, peaking between December and January. Between the South Australian season and the Queensland season we can provide juicy, sweet strawberries to the marketplace year round.




Grown with meticulous care and dedication in the lush, clean and green orchards of the Adelaide Hills and Shepparton, Ceravolo pears are renowned for their exceptional flavor and texture.


Each pear is handpicked at the perfect moment of ripeness in the australian Autumn, ensuring a delectable sweetness and a luscious, buttery consistency. Whether enjoyed fresh, as a snack or incorporated into your favorite culinary creations, Ceravolo pears offer a tantalizing experience for your taste buds. Their distinctively sweet and aromatic profile, coupled with a smooth and juicy flesh, make them a true delight for pear enthusiasts seeking the finest quality.

THE CERAVOLO DIFFERENCE IS  passion with innovation


This chart is a guide to the seasonal availability of fruit grown or packed by Ceravolo Orchards.
Seasonal variations may occur.

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