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Grown with meticulous care and dedication in the lush, clean and green orchards of the Adelaide Hills and Shepparton, Ceravolo pears are renowned for their exceptional flavor and texture. Pears need good winter frosts and an abundance of water to thrive making the Adelaide Hills the perfect place for us to grow them. They are one of the world oldest cultivated fruits and their are records of pears being commercially grown in China from 5,000 B.C.


Each Ceravolo pear is handpicked at the perfect moment of ripeness in the Australian Autumn, ensuring a delectable sweetness and a luscious, buttery consistency. Whether enjoyed fresh, as a snack or incorporated into your favorite culinary creations, Ceravolo pears offer a tantalizing experience for your taste buds.

There are four main varieties of pears;

- The green-skin Packham

- The green skin Williams

- The brown skin Beurré Bosc

- The red blush corellas


Pears distinctively sweet and aromatic profile, coupled with a smooth and juicy flesh, make them a true delight for pear enthusiasts seeking the finest quality. To check for pear ripeness press gently near the stem. If it gives a little, your pear is ready to eat.

Pears contain a sugar called sorbitol which helps maintain good digestion. The peel of the pear contains 6-20 times the antioxidants of the flesh, so for peak immune boosting qualities remember not to eat your pear bare!

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