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The strawberry harvest in South Australia typically begins in late spring, around October, and extends through the summer months, peaking in December and January. These months offer optimal growing conditions with warm temperatures and ample sunlight, allowing the strawberries to ripen to perfection. It's during this time that you can find an abundance of fresh, juicy Ceravolo strawberries ready to be enjoyed at their flavorful best. However, please note that actual harvest times may vary slightly depending on weather conditions and specific growing practices.

Our strawberries are truly a delight for strawberry enthusiasts, offering several standout qualities that make them highly sought after. South Australian strawberries are known for their exceptional flavor profile. They boast a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess, with a juicy and succulent texture that bursts with natural goodness.

We grow and source strawberries from the most favorable climates based on the time of the season with the winter season seeing us source from our Queensland partners and the summer season sesing us grown and source from other local growers and from our own south Australian farms . This means that during the peak months, you can find an abundant supply of fresh, locally grown strawberries, ensuring optimal freshness and flavor.

Our  strawberry growers take immense pride in their produce. They employ meticulous cultivation techniques and prioritize quality control measures to ensure that only the finest strawberries reach the market. Our strawberries are grown as sustainably as possible and we employ programs such as the beneficial bug program to reduce our reliance on sprays and chemicals. This commitment to excellence guarantees that you can enjoy strawberries at their peak freshness and quality.

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